Shout out Thai 2 Go Utah!!!



UGLY ❤ Thai 2 Go Utah We are super to have Cindy Lorn a local food truck owner of Thai 2 Go Utah, excite our guest's pallets with your colorful and amazingly tasty Thai menu at our event next week. Thank you Cindy for your support and we hope, we can help support your local small business, which are the heart and soul of our communities. Thai 2 Go Utah, we appreciate your giving back to Utah Girls Love you UGLY's wonderful cause of empowering women to encourage one another to reach our fullest potential, breaking the cycle of codependency, developing desperately needed life skills, pay it forward by offering a helping hand to local Single mommies (Utah county), Senior Citizen(Utah county),to local organizations associated to help aid homeless Utahans across the Wasatch front and help spread the word of local small business and acts of kindness with Shouts outs. POSITIVE = POSITIVE MAKE A DIFFERENCE. . HAPPINESS IS TRUTH Contact us at utahgirlsloveyou@gmail.com 💋 Utah Girls Love You ❤ U.G.L.Y #Positive #givebacktoourcommunities #thai2goutah #utahgirlsloveyou #share #tuesday #localsmallbusiness #localfoodtruck https://m.facebook.com/thai2goutah

Fabulous Friday!


Wishing everyone a Fabulous and productive Friday. The challenge for today is to make someone smile with compliment or even just a smile. It’s a simple challenge today and we hope everyone takes this challenge from UGLY with offering a small gesture of kindness and we hope it is to a stranger. So, get out there and help make in a difference in someone day or maybe their life.

We have been on a mission here at Utah Girls Love You to offer a helping hand to whom wants take our gestures to make a difference in people’s lives with simple things such as; accepting and loving people no matter their status or circumstances. OUR GOAL IS TO JUST BE ACCEPTING TO ALL FELLOW UTAHNS OR AMERICANS, THIS IS SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT TO US AND TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN DIVERSITY, to be NONJUDGMENTAL, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST ALWAYS OFFER A HELPING HAND TO THOSE WHOM ARE NEED!!!!!


Make a difference

Happiness is truth…

If we can do anything to give a helping hand please contact us at utahgirlsloveyou@gmail.com

Please leave your comments when you take the challenge or the end result or experience with our challenge. We love the feedback.

One Love

💋Utah Girls Love You ❤ UGLY 

Happy Sunday! ! !

20160417101918 Wishing everyone a selfless and loving Sunday!!

Believe in yourself always, without the ability to believe in one's self, makes it very difficult to overcome and holds one back from growth.

Positive =Positive

Make a difference. .

Happiness is truth

💋 Utah Girls Love You ❤ UGLY




Woo hoo! It's Friday!!

VZM.IMG_20160415_081023 Wishing everyone a fabulous and productive Friday!! 

Stay positive, no matter what!! Today is your day to make a choice, how you'll react to situations, and try to see the positive. This day is all yours!


Make a Difference…

Happiness is truth

Have a great day!!

💋Utah Girls Love You ❤ UGLY 

Contact us @ utahgirlsloveyou@gmail.com

Utah Girls Love You


Utah Girls Love You is a non profit organization that is focused on giving back to our communities through donations and textile recycling for our Single mommy's and helping hands projects.
Utah Girls Love You motto is Positive = Positive, Make a Difference and Truth is happiness. Striving to spread to a simple message; by live positive, offer a helping hand to others in our community; we hope that, we can help to inspire others to break their cycle.
We have two projects our Single mommy's and Helping hands projects, we have been collecting donations of everyday household items and clothing and recycle the love back into the community to other Utahans, who may have fallen on hard times or less fortunate. Our Single Mommy's Project is geared towards offering a helping hand to the Single Mommy's across the Wasatch front. The Helping hand project is mainly target towards the less fortunate and Senior citizens. We are strong supporters of Utah small businesses, we give Shout outs to local small business and any other organizations, that are wanting to spread their word, we love to help spread the word for any small business that is just getting started or struggling.
Remember, that we strongly believe in our motto
Positive = Positive
Make a difference
Happiness is Truth.
Utah Girls Love You aka UGLY

Thank you!!!

20151129_195802 U.G.L.Y. 's Journey 2015(watch video)

U.G.L.Y. is on a mission to make a difference!!!

We have been busy all year round collecting donations  to distribute into the community free of charge. We are supporting many small businesses here in the Utah Valley. Mentoring single mommies, providing Santa Claus for lower income families, U.G.L.Y.'s Closet, bringing awareness to local acts of kindness, sub for Santa for 9 children, and handed out 60 Bags of Hope to the homeless Christmas morning.

We are donating to fellow foundations, supporting  local Charities, and  offering a Helping Hand to hundreds of Utahns. We are proud of all of our accompliments and wanted to share a small video of what we have been up to in 2015!! Special thanks to:

My wonderful husband Eric for dealing with my crazy ass, Kirk Gappmayer and Brandy for spring into action to help get stuff to the courthouse. For Santa, JulieAnne, Elena, Kathy, and Kelley for going the extra miles ...always.

For everyone who donated and was involved this year. We love and appreciate you all and can't wait for next!

Thank you for showing the love throughout our journey!! Positive = Positive Make a difference. . Mu-ah, U.G.L.Y. Utah Girls Love You # utahgirlsloveyou # utah #Positive= Positive #Positive # make a difference

Thriving Tuesday!!!!

20151121065212 U.G.L.Y. wishes everyone a terrific and productive Tuesday!

"Inhale Confidence and Exhale of my Fears!"


Happiness is Truth..

We want to help, so please contact Jazmine utahgirlsloveyou@gmail.com. Our projects are coming along wonderfully and super excited to share them.


U.G.L.Y. Utah Girls Love You

Marvelous Monday! ! !

20151213090437 U.G.L.Y. wants to wish everyone a productive and a Make a Difference Monday!!!

Through this journey of developing U.G.L.Y.  Utah Girls Love You.. we have seen our share of negativity. But we truly understand that our reaction is key to changing a negative into a positive.

U.G.L.Y.   Has started  from the basement floor with a small idea,   passion,  and drive to stomp our way to make differences here in Utah.

It is truly our ULTIMATE goal for U.G.L.Y.

U.G.L.Y. is enjoying sticking to our motto of  “Positive = Positive”.

We are pushing to spread our message. This message has saved our lives and given us the strength to continue to grow with our personal goals and help others.

Message:  Be Strong.Always Try to.

Spiritually, Emotionally , and constantly educating and growing  ourselves. Always  giving to others. We are wanting to make the differences needed to help anyone that is willing to find growth, love, and happiness from our message.

Time for trying new things, taking chances on yourself, and breaking down the walls to finding yourself.

Let’s get out there everyone and make a difference.. Stay tuned for the information on the Single Mommy Project, developing this project has been such a great opportunity for us to get out in the community and see the needs of others. So, we are working on it daily to reach out to others with our helping hand. Watch for shout outs and lets help support locally owned and operating Utah businesses.


Make a Difference..

Have a great Monday!!!!


U.G.L.Y.  Utah Girls Love You

Contact us at Utahgirlsloveyou@gmail.com

Giving Back!!!

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U.G.L.Y.  wants to wish everyone a Wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so many things to be grateful of each and every day and here at Utah Girls Love You  we definitely know.  When we are Given the opportunity to give back to our community,  it is truly a  blessing.

Our Single Mommy's Project was able to give back through our Helping Hands Project this past Sunday at Pioneer Park in downtown S.L.C. .  U.G.L.Y  gave back where we believe it was needed. Handing out Blankets that were donated from all the great people helping U.G.L.Y. give back. As well as bananas, waters and candy canes. 

The day was a huge eye opener to the Ladies who shared in this experience of giving back to those who have reached  the bottom and struggle to survive from day to day . The void of not  having a place to call home , family and many other things.  The things most of us have. The luxury of running water, electricity, many things, that many of us take for granted on a daily basis. These women who are all dealing with personal struggles of their own and help them  realize life can change in a blink of an eye. 

This beautiful Thanksgiving day we are so grateful for everything we do have and feel so blessed for the opportunities we are given to help others. We should all be so thankful and so grateful everyday for everything.  Always try and look to see the positive in every situation because it is truth....

Positive =  Positive.

Make a Difference... 

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Have a blessed day.

U.G.L.Y. Utah  Girls Love You