Fantastic Friday!!!


U.G.L.Y. is hoping you all have had a fantastic and productive Friday! Such a glorious day to be outside  in Utah!!!

Get out and suck in the Serotonin!!! Now that the snow is over…for now. Gotta love Utah weather. ;)

Keep your day Positive. Look at all the beauty around you, in everything you do, in all the people you see, and know. Life is too short to be anything but Happy!! And remember...when it’s the worst is when you have to try the hardest. Let your guard down to the good. Find it. Feel it. Believe it. Be it….

It's you. Anything you want. Make every situation yours. It is yours. And it will ALWAYS be what you make it.

Say your thank yous to the skies today and be grateful for everything you do have.




U.G.L.Y. Utah Girls Love You

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