Monday Fun-Day!!

positive outcomes

U.G.L.Y. wants to wish everyone a marvelous and productive Monday. We hope, you all will make Monday your Fun-day! We all can dread Mondays and maybe some, even hate Mondays.  But if we just change our way of thinking, we surely can make Mondays, our Fun-day!!

Positive comes from Positive. So, if you want to make today a great day.  Change your Attitude, TRY and find the good in it, and understand purpose for situation.

Is it right? When the people say, "everything happens for a reason". Well, We believe there's truth to that statement. We are living by our motto, Positive=Positive and hope that we are showing our growth everyday.  We hope that, we are being a positive influence for everyone and together, we  can work together and give back to our thriving community. We hope together, we will all see that its all a great big puzzle and all the pieces do fit together.



Let's all have a Fun-day today! Make others laugh, and keep your smile on!  Make it yours.

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy it!  Live, Laugh, Love….

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U.G.L.Y.Utah Girls Love You