Thursday's Thought!!!


U.G.L.Y. wants to wish everyone a open-minded and productive Thursday!!!

The subject of enabling has came up a lot in almost every conversation that I have had in the last couple of weeks. The conversations have been about how we ENABLE.

We as PARENTS are enabling our children into the lifestyle of pain and struggles. The more we continue excuses on our behavior as parents, the harder it is to undo the enabling. We are only setting a stronger foundation for our children to fall and not have the necessary skills needed to fall, pick themselves off, brushes their knees off, and keep on running. I am frightened  for our future generations that are completely unable to fall... and then need their parents help them get back up.

We now have a society that grandparents are raising children. Simply  because mothers and fathers are choosing drugs over their children on a daily basis. I understand this is a strong statement. I hope that we are all open-minded and look at the problem of drug abuse, which is doubling everyday here in Utah.

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