Happy Tuesday!!!

Untitled presentation (26) U.G.L.Y  hopes everyone a terrific and productive Tuesday!! What a great day! The weather has been cold make sure to bundle up. When, I saw this quote I knew it would be great to help inspire everyone today. I hope that it reaches everyone in the way it touched us. Enjoying everyday and being thankful for all you have is key to achieving a positive attitude.

Stay strong through all of the challenges life throws your way and think of them as learning blocks. The good. The bad. and the U.G.L.Y…..   ;)  all will work out if you are working on it each and everyday. Keep on smiling no matter what and believe in Positive=Positive

Keep your eyes on U.G.L.Y and help us help all be Happy. Single Mommy Project we collected for a Secret Santa for a family struggling this year. Helping hands projects we will be going back to give a helping hand to the less fortunate and hand out our "Bag of Hope" Christmas eve and Christmas day.Have a great day. If we can help contact us at utahgirlsloveyou@gmail.com Facebook UGLY utah girls love you


U.G.L.Y.       Utah Girls Love You.