Thursday Lovin...


U.G.L.Y. wants you all to have a Thursday full of Lovin. Love, Love. It is such an important part of our lives. We are born with Love. Have Love for different things. And Love even when the things we Love are not around.  

Love Life. Love everything you can. It makes your heart grow and see things in a whole new light. It opens your eyes to things you may have never seen before but have always been inside of you. If you let it in and let it be...It is the best feeling we can ever feel. It is truth.

It doesn't have to be Love for another person or thing. Just the Love of being and being grateful and thankful everyday will change the world around you. Love is such a powerful emotion. We seem to have everything when we have it. And seem to have nothing when we don't. Don't let losing Love damage you. Everything happens for a reason and all are lessons in our lives to help us get to the next level. The next phase. The next chapter. It helps you grow. It makes the world go round. Don't give up on Love. 

Make sure the ones you Love know it. Tell them. It can only make the Love grow stronger and the feeling will spread. If we all try to add Love into everything we do. It will make whatever we are doing that much better. Make us happy. Keep us positive.

When times are rough. Find something you Love. A book, a song, something that makes you smile and feel. It will help you through. We can't hide from our feelings. They are always there and must be felt.

If you are in Love...Grab onto that person you Love with all your heart and don't let them go.

GIve your love away. Give it ALL with your whole heart if it feels right. See how it helps others and helps this world to be a better place. We ARE made to Love.



Have a Wonderful Thursday full of Lovin! Spread it. Find it wherever you can. In everything you do. 

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y.   Utah Girls Love You