Breathe and Be....

U.G.L.Y  is here helping all to see the truth and good in all things. To be thankful, be grateful, non judgmental and respectful.

These are all things we need to be. All things we need to teach our children. It is of great importance that we do. The world is losing sight of beliefs and the bigger things in life. We need to grab hold and bring them to as many as we can. Help others see and teach teach teach our children....Respect. Regardless.

These days judgement is an extremely big issue. Judgmental people, are in a sense only judging themselves, because deep within they are not happy with themselves. When we speak badly about or hurtfully to others, it is really a reflection of our inner self. We need to not judge. We need to SEE that not every one thinks, feels, or believes the same. We must be accepting. Accept others for who they are. And do not judge those on their pasts. We are all growing and constantly evolving. Change is enevitable. It happens. Always. The world goes round and round and our lives go on and on. They grow as we grow and we need to accept the things in our lives for what they are and the reason it is.

Look for the good. Do not dwell on the bad. Look towards the future and keep your eyes open to the goodness in everything. Always be grateful. Help others believe and see the greater good. Because when we are positive those around us can't help but to do the same.

Positive = Positive.

Happiness is Truth.

Respect Regardless.

Have a beautiful blessed Sunday and remember to always breathe. It does keep us alive and kicking..... Breathe.

Much love,

U.G.L.Y     Utah Girls Love You