Do what you Feel...



U.G.L.Y. wants everyone to have a great evening and a great sleep for tomorrows next day of Greatness. We must refuel our bodies to get us to where we need to be everyday to make the right decisions in life.  We need to listen to our guts more and more everyday.

"Go with your Gut"  is one of the best sayings ever. It is truth. When you feel as though you should be doing it. Listen to your intuiton. We all have it and IF we open up to it , it is amazing what happens. Everything happens for a reason and coincidences are few and far in between. 

Listen to the world around you. See all the signs. Get in Tune with yourself and stay positive no matter what life throws at you. Its all a test. Or it seems. But a test to see what we can handle. We are only given what we can handle and you must run with it. Its yours. And what you do with it is yours.

Your REACTION is yours. 

Remember. .....2 choices in life.  

To be Happy...... Or not to be Happy........

The choice is yours. 


Happiness is Truth.

Make the best of every situation. Look for the silver lining and have faith that the best is always yet to come. 

Have a great evening!!


Much Love,

U.G.L.Y.      Utah Girls Love You

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