Yep! Monday!!


U.G.L.Y. is ready for the new week! Are you?? Of course you are!! ;)

Get ready to bring on the good. Its a beautiful day. The rain and snow are gone...for today.... ;). So enjoy that sunshine!!

Remember to stay positive and smile. Be thankful for what we do have!! 

We all do have a reason we are here. You know you feel it...... We just need to open our hearts and souls and figure out what it is. The truth is in you. Everything you need to know is. Figure out what your gift is. We all have may be Big, it may be Small. But it's there.  Find it. Embrace it. Feel it. Love it.  You can! And always keep the power of positive with you! It is key. To everything in life.



Have a Beautiful Monday! Make others smile, and smile yourself! Things can only get better when you do!!

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y.     Utah Girls Love You