Utah Girls Love You


Utah Girls Love You is a non profit organization that is focused on giving back to our communities through donations and textile recycling for our Single mommy's and helping hands projects.
Utah Girls Love You motto is Positive = Positive, Make a Difference and Truth is happiness. Striving to spread to a simple message; by live positive, offer a helping hand to others in our community; we hope that, we can help to inspire others to break their cycle.
We have two projects our Single mommy's and Helping hands projects, we have been collecting donations of everyday household items and clothing and recycle the love back into the community to other Utahans, who may have fallen on hard times or less fortunate. Our Single Mommy's Project is geared towards offering a helping hand to the Single Mommy's across the Wasatch front. The Helping hand project is mainly target towards the less fortunate and Senior citizens. We are strong supporters of Utah small businesses, we give Shout outs to local small business and any other organizations, that are wanting to spread their word, we love to help spread the word for any small business that is just getting started or struggling.
Remember, that we strongly believe in our motto
Positive = Positive
Make a difference
Happiness is Truth.
Utah Girls Love You aka UGLY