Update on A Desperate Cry for Help!!!

UPDATE: Desperate Cry for Help!!! This is an unedited video, completely RAW and REAL..


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For all of you that remember Alicia. A young women's desperate cry for help (via Internet) back in October was answered on November 3rd, by two angels Tad Stringam and Tami Rather Scarcella Stringam . These two incredible loving, understanding and compassionate individuals, whom we love and appreciate for all of their efforts, determination and love to help Alicia find the much needed help. Alicia left a video to thank you everyone who was involved to help find her help. The process was a roller coaster for all involved, from relapses to emotional eruptions, came to an end on November 3rd with only two calls, we found ourselves at Salt Lake Airport and Alicia on a plane to California to a fabulous facilitate, Anaheim Lighthouse Drug Addiction Treatment Center Lighthouse Alicia wanted to this share this RAW video for 3 reasons; first so people could look at addiction straight in the face, in hope it will help others that find their selves in her same shoes and give hope that it's possible to get help (get better in Alica's words).

Alicia has successfully completed her detox program and knows it will be a long road but she says that she is willing to take the journey. We will continue updating on Alicia's progress throughout her journey.

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