Happy Friday!!!


U.G.L.Y. wants to wish everyone a fabulous and productive Friday.

This definition has been on my mind for some time now! I thought, we would share the meaning of codependency for today’s quote. This quote is more on a personal level, I remember the day, I realized, that I was taught codependency by all the key players in my life… especially my PARENTS. It can be a challenge when one has been taught negative influences and to develop strengths to overcome all the negative lessons in life to reflect the positive. Taking responsibility for my actions was the key in overcoming the obstacles, that I had no choice in and the obstacles I designed with my own two hands. So, understanding, taking responsibility, and making changes within you. These are three ways to become codependentFREE!!

Realizing that, I was codependent in every aspect of my life was hard to swallow. Once I accepted that fact, I had to change within myself and steer my children in the right direction (at least, I hope so) and hopefully change the pattern of our family. No matter  what challenges you have in life…, remember everyone has challenges,  just in different ways.

It is possible to change, through sheer determination I changed my life for my children, myself and all those I love. I have taken full responsibility for my actions and have now forgiven myself for all of the not so great choices in my life.. I feel that realizing and forgiving are the two of the biggest keys to change as a person. To evolve and be happy in this beautiful thing we call LIFE.



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