Face to face with addiction

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U.G.L.Y. wants to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of love and generosity that has been shown for Alicia over the past few weeks. We have found her treatment our of state and we couldn't be more grateful to everyone, whom offered advice, information, and sheer love. Alicia has been staying with family, until she goes to treatment. That has been very difficult to watch, as she declines more and more each day, we can only pray, that she will make until she is able to check in to treatment. I have to say, that this process of helping someone that is extremely ill and doesn't have insurance is very difficult process to get immediate help, which is sad because of not having insurance, Alicia is hoping that her body will hold out until she goes to treatment. With several medical issues including seizures, liver, and addiction, which can not be really addressed until she is in treatment to detox. The signs are hanging clear in sight, the outcomes are very real and extremely scary but through pray and positivity, Alicia will make it to treatment and have a fighting chance to overcome her life long struggle of addiction. We feel it's important to give the details of the process, so people can truly see the life of addiction and the aftermath. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all of helping hands, that went out of their ways to contact and inquire, how you could help with HELPING Alicia. May you all be blessed, for your kind hearts and love. Positive =Positive Make a difference. . Mu-ah, U.G.L.Y. Utah Girls Love You