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UGLY ❤ Thai 2 Go Utah We are super to have Cindy Lorn a local food truck owner of Thai 2 Go Utah, excite our guest's pallets with your colorful and amazingly tasty Thai menu at our event next week. Thank you Cindy for your support and we hope, we can help support your local small business, which are the heart and soul of our communities. Thai 2 Go Utah, we appreciate your giving back to Utah Girls Love you UGLY's wonderful cause of empowering women to encourage one another to reach our fullest potential, breaking the cycle of codependency, developing desperately needed life skills, pay it forward by offering a helping hand to local Single mommies (Utah county), Senior Citizen(Utah county),to local organizations associated to help aid homeless Utahans across the Wasatch front and help spread the word of local small business and acts of kindness with Shouts outs. POSITIVE = POSITIVE MAKE A DIFFERENCE. . HAPPINESS IS TRUTH Contact us at 💋 Utah Girls Love You ❤ U.G.L.Y #Positive #givebacktoourcommunities #thai2goutah #utahgirlsloveyou #share #tuesday #localsmallbusiness #localfoodtruck

Fabulous Friday!


Wishing everyone a Fabulous and productive Friday. The challenge for today is to make someone smile with compliment or even just a smile. It’s a simple challenge today and we hope everyone takes this challenge from UGLY with offering a small gesture of kindness and we hope it is to a stranger. So, get out there and help make in a difference in someone day or maybe their life.

We have been on a mission here at Utah Girls Love You to offer a helping hand to whom wants take our gestures to make a difference in people’s lives with simple things such as; accepting and loving people no matter their status or circumstances. OUR GOAL IS TO JUST BE ACCEPTING TO ALL FELLOW UTAHNS OR AMERICANS, THIS IS SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT TO US AND TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN DIVERSITY, to be NONJUDGMENTAL, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST ALWAYS OFFER A HELPING HAND TO THOSE WHOM ARE NEED!!!!!


Make a difference

Happiness is truth…

If we can do anything to give a helping hand please contact us at

Please leave your comments when you take the challenge or the end result or experience with our challenge. We love the feedback.

One Love

💋Utah Girls Love You ❤ UGLY 

Never Forgotten Prince

IMG_20160422_131807 Okay guys! We are huge fans of Prince and we are heart broken over the loss of a legendary artist of our generation and we will rock out for the entire weekend to Prince. We thank you Prince for sharing your amazing talent which resulted in many adult beverages, many bad choices and late nights, dancing away to 1999 memories that have defined us throughout our lives. #PrinceNeverforgotten #prince #lovealways #utahgirlsloveyoulovesPrince

Happy Sunday! ! !

20160417101918 Wishing everyone a selfless and loving Sunday!!

Believe in yourself always, without the ability to believe in one's self, makes it very difficult to overcome and holds one back from growth.

Positive =Positive

Make a difference. .

Happiness is truth

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Woo hoo! It's Friday!!

VZM.IMG_20160415_081023 Wishing everyone a fabulous and productive Friday!! 

Stay positive, no matter what!! Today is your day to make a choice, how you'll react to situations, and try to see the positive. This day is all yours!


Make a Difference…

Happiness is truth

Have a great day!!

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Mental Health Awareness

20160412060028.jpg We hope everyone had a terrific and productive Tuesday! ! !

Mental health will affect 1 in 4 Americans and that number is very alarming.

We were given the opportunity to help a young mother whom was struggling with mental health issues, watching this women struggling to gather perspective on the situation was completely heart breaking on so many levels and to witness her children watching her be confused was equally heart breaking.

As, we tried to gain trust with this struggling women to get her help was devasting to see up close n personal, sure did change our feelings for individuals struggling with mental health issues. We were able to help this young mother get the help she needed and get her child to a family member, were he is in a now safe environment. We send our love and prayers to this family. Utah Girls Love You will take a stronger stance when it comes to mental health and vow to bring awareness to this terrible illness that is growing daily and adding to our homeless population everyday.

We need to give a huge shout out to my neighbors, who were willing to get involved and help with this devasting situation, that ended on a true positive note. Thanks ladies, you gals are the best!!

Mental Health Awareness!!!

Positive = Positive Make a difference. . Happiness is truth

💋 Utah Girls Love You ❤

Utah Girls Love You


Utah Girls Love You is a non profit organization that is focused on giving back to our communities through donations and textile recycling for our Single mommy's and helping hands projects.
Utah Girls Love You motto is Positive = Positive, Make a Difference and Truth is happiness. Striving to spread to a simple message; by live positive, offer a helping hand to others in our community; we hope that, we can help to inspire others to break their cycle.
We have two projects our Single mommy's and Helping hands projects, we have been collecting donations of everyday household items and clothing and recycle the love back into the community to other Utahans, who may have fallen on hard times or less fortunate. Our Single Mommy's Project is geared towards offering a helping hand to the Single Mommy's across the Wasatch front. The Helping hand project is mainly target towards the less fortunate and Senior citizens. We are strong supporters of Utah small businesses, we give Shout outs to local small business and any other organizations, that are wanting to spread their word, we love to help spread the word for any small business that is just getting started or struggling.
Remember, that we strongly believe in our motto
Positive = Positive
Make a difference
Happiness is Truth.
Utah Girls Love You aka UGLY

Spectacular Saturday! !

IMG_20160409_201644 Hope everyone had spectacular Saturday! "When, I shut my mouth and turn to walk away, doesn't mean you won. It simply means, your dumb a** isn't worth wasting anymore of my enegry.. Bye Felicia!" By Jazmine Utah Girls Love You

Positive =Positive Make a difference. . Happiness is truth

💋 Utah Girls Love You ❤ UGLY

Happy Friday! ! !

20160408075201 Wishing everyone a fabulous and productive Friday. There are many of great things going on this weekend here in our great state of Utah, so get out and get involved with our community. Please be sure to support local small business, they are the heart and soul of our communities. Challenge for today is offer a helping hand to someone.

So…..Make it Yours!!!!! Live, Laugh, Love and make the World Smile Today!!


Make a difference. .


Have a Fabulous Friday!! Thank you to the skies above and being Grateful. 

If we can help please contact us at

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20160405092123 Wishing everyone a thoughtful and productive Tuesday!

“You can't just give up on someone because the situation is not ideal.TRUE relationship can't be TRUE because there's no problems.They are TRUE because both peoplecare enough about each other to be truly honest in finding a way to make it work."~ Jazmine Utah Girls Love You❤


Make a difference. .

Happiness is truth

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