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U.G.L.Y. wants to wish everyone a wonderful and productive Wednesday..

September is Recovery awareness month, this is month is geared towards supporting individuals that have recovered from the addiction. So, we love St. George and Cedar city campaign, "my name is", "which is designed to raise awareness about addiction recovery. “My name is …” offers an opportunity for recovering addicts to proudly identify themselves, share their stories and be honored for their effort to live an addiction-free life. In September businesses, organizations and community leaders throughout Southern Utah will join together in showing support for individuals in recovery from addiction. Several activities are planned throughout the month, culminating with the Sept. 23-25 Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference held in St. George this year." St George New article 9-2015

Utah is suffering with addiction across the state. So, we thought is was important to bring awareness to addiction and how it affects all walks of life throughout our great state of Utah. So, we want to strike up conversation on addiction and that individuals whom have been in recovery should not be ashamed but should be proud and hold their heads up high with pride. Addiction destroyed lives and one should be proud to say I was once an addict and share their story, you never know who you may affect with your story.. U.G.L.Y. salutes all recovering addicts for their strengthen, courage, and ability to overcome their addiction.


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