Monday Funday!!



U.G.L.Y. is hoping you all make this Monday your Funday! We can dread Mondays and Hate them. But if we just change our minds. Change our thinking, we can make it our Funday!!

Positive comes from Positive. So if we want to have a great day. No matter what is going on. Change your Attitude and TRY and find the good in it. The reason for it.  It all happens for a reason and one day if you open your eyes and see. You will see that its all a great big puzzle and all the pieces do fit together. 



Lets all have a Funday today! Make others laugh, and keep your smile on!  Make it yours.

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy it!  Live, Laugh, Love....

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y.     Utah Girls Love You