Its going to be a Wonderful new week!


U.G.L.Y. can definitely feel that something great is coming! We all should. When we truly believe and trust that something wonderful is about to happen, it will. We should be thankful for every little thing we get and have. Big or Small. Tiny or Tall. ;)  

Even when it seems like we are being tested and things are just not quite clear. Have faith that its all a lesson to help prepare us for our next journey/chapter in this life. Be grateful for it all and SEE it for what it really is. 

Lucky Ole St. Patty's day is coming. So keep your thoughts positive, your soul open to positive and Luck shall come ye way!! Haha!


 Keep on smiling. Always. Its Good food for the soul.

Keep your eyes on us! The next Big giveaway is coming up!! 

Please email us with any info or help you may need!!

Have a beautiful night or day wherever you may be and Dream Big!!

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y.     Utah Girls Love You!!