Thriving Thursday!!!

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U.G.L.Y. wants to wish everyone a thriving and productive Thursday!!!

These pictures are of the Single Mommy’s Project giving back to our helping hands project, taking donated items; blankets, scarfs, shoes, clothing, bananas and bottled waters to a local shelter in Salt Lake and local thrift store. It was a touching experience for all of the ladies on various levels. Many of the ladies had never seen or been close to a shelter, let alone be up close and personal with a homeless person. It was an incredible experience to witness the change in the ladies’ eyes, looking at these individual’s circumstances homeless on the streets, which has to be lowest point of a person’s life, these ladies were able to see past some of their own obstacles and gain a sense of relief and understanding, that they have a choice in their future to fight through and make a difference starting with themselves.  So, through merging the Helping hands and Single Mommy’s Projects, we meet many goals, showing how giving other’s, makes a difference in everyone’s lives for the better. The Single Mommy’s project is not only giving donations to single moms but it has now formed into a group of women, single mom and former single moms, encouraging and supporting one another to live positive, be kind, be accepting to diversity and make difference as a whole not just in one general area.

We have been on a mission here at Utah Girls Love You to offer a helping hand to whom wants take our gestures and make a difference in people’s lives with simple things such as; accepting and loving people no matter their status or circumstances. OUR GOAL IS TO JUST BE ACCEPTING TO ALL FELLOW UTAHNS, THIS IS SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT TO US AND TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN DIVERSITY, to be NONJUDGMENTAL, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST ALWAYS OFFER A HELPING HAND TO THOSE WHOM ARE NEED!!


Make a difference

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If we can do anything to give a helping hand please contact us at

Please leave your comments when you take the challenge or the end result or experience with our challenge. We love the feedback.


U.G.L.Y. Utah Girls Love You